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How to sell, what is the best way to sell, what to invest in the sales effort, how to oversee the sales effort, whether to utilize distributors and wholesalers, how to price products for each level of distribution, how to develop and monitor the sales pipeline, how to maximize sales, how to control the cost of sales, how to train salespeople, how to close sales, these are the factors that must be developed and managed in the growth of a company. Weitzberg Consulting has been involved in developing and managing sales strategies and organizations over the course of its history.

Sales Strategy

The Company is experienced in the development and implementation of sales strategies including the following factors:

  • Channel Identification and Development – determining where you want to sell your product and services and how to  reach your objective.
  • Sales Cycle Development – evaluate and determine the best ways to approach and manage the cycle for making sales.
  • Cost of Sale Analysis – evaluate and determine how much a sale actually costs you to make and how to build that cost into your overall pricing equation.
  • Sales Staffing Alternatives – assess and determine the best to approach sales staffing and compensate your sales organization.
  • Sales Management – Look at the structure and personnel asset allocation necessary to manage your sales group and support them in meeting their goals.
  • Sales Projections – evaluate and determine sales projections with strategies on how to reach them.

Sales Training

  • Training Programs – develop sales training programs that will allow you to expand your sales efforts through proper education of techniques, strategies and products.
  • Curriculum Development – create and develop curricula for instruction that can be utilized by other individuals.

Sales Support

  • Support Services - Develop programs, strategies, systems and materials for supporting sales personnel in their efforts.

Distribution Strategies 

  • Sales Channels - Identify and evaluate distribution channels for manufactured products to reach retailers and consumers.

Retail Strategies

  • Product Placement and Merchandising - Identify target areas and requirements of reaching different retail channels.  As required, develop strategies for specific vertical retail channels. These would include but not be limited to:
    • Mass Market
    • Mid-Tier
    • Upper Tier
    • Toy
    • Supermarket
    • Drug
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Consumer Electronic
    • Specialty Store
    • Direct Sales
    • Business-to-business
    • Internet