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As a Brand is developed and a company image evolves, businesses have an opportunity to expand their presence, recognition and revenue streams through the licensing of that Brand, Intellectual Property, Products and Concepts. How to approach that deal, how to make that deal, how to manage that deal, who to make that deal with and what to expect from such an arrangement are all aspects of a strong licensing program.

WCI has been involved in the development, growth and implementation of licensing programs in a number of categories and formats. The Company has a proven ability to identify and execute strong licensing programs.  

These services involve development of a Licensing Strategy, Strategic Partner Development, Promotional Programs, Launch Strategies and Coordination of Product Categories.     

  • Entertainment/ Media – This segment of licensing covers a wide range of products in the exploitation of an intellectual property.  Understanding the type of deal that can be made and how best to manage that relationship is key to achieving success. Types of products in this segment include:
    DVD, Broadcast / Cable, Internet – Downloads, Publishing, Magazines, Audio, Radio, Film, Special Media and Video Games.
  • Consumer Goods – This segment of licensing covers a wide range of product categories that benefit from branding related to a specific intellectual property that helps promote the characteristics of that product. These types of products include:
    Consumer Electronics, Product Promotions, Events, Toys, Clothing, Housewares, Accessories and Education products.