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Coordinating, developing and implementing Public Relations, Publicity, Promotions, Advertising, and Special Events are the components of marketing your brand and business. Executing these components effectively is key to growing any success. Weitzberg Consulting can develop and implement your marketing strategies. In many cases a newly developed business cannot or has not created a marketing department or engaged a marketing executive to create such a component. Sometimes an existing Marketing Department is in need of interim executive support to accomplish long term or short term specific objectives. Other times the Marketing Department is in need of specific services for a short term project or a specific period of time. It is essential for a business to be able to draw on marketing expertise and to develop and implement a marketing plan or marketing support. Whether small or large, multifaceted or single focused, companies either need an executive to create, develop and implement that plan or an entity to act as a service provider in part or in total of a plan. The evaluation of how to accrue marketing funding and then effectively allocate those funds is a crucial aspect in the launch and ongoing success of a company.

  • Advertising - Develop advertising plans and work with a team of highly qualified associates to create and implement advertising plans for a company or product in a wide range of media. Skill sets include copywriting, creative services, production and placement.
  • Publicity and Public Relations – Develop long term or short term publicity strategies in conjunction with existing PR agencies and/or to act as the PR company in conjunction with a team of highly qualified associates to service and bring to fruition the PR requirements of the company. Skill sets include press releases, news bureaus, media relations, and special events.
  • Media - The Company has the capabilities to work in all areas of media to create and implement marketing programs and components in advertising, publicity, public relations and special events. Media experience includes but is not limited to Television (Broadcast and Cable), Radio, Internet, Print Publications, Direct Marketing, Trade Shows, Specialty Media.
  • Special Events - The Company has the capability of creating, organizing and executing special events, promotions and appearances on behalf of companies to introduce, launch and/or promote products and brands.