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Vertical Channels


Having a clear understanding of a product; its strengths and weaknesses, its market and customer base, its route to success and the landmines that can impact it, has to be a key component of any business model. The product creator may have a great product idea but may not be experienced in what it involves to take the product to successful creation and distribution.  “You may not know what you don’t know.” This can often lead to wasted resources, mis-steps and dead ends.

Weitzberg Consulting works with its clients to clearly evaluate the product or service concepts and develop a strategy that will maximize the use of resources to create a successful, positive impact in the marketplace.

We bring the skills of experience in being able to assist in all levels including developing the implementation of the design, pricing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, storage and fulfillment of hard goods as well as service products.    

WCI has worked with companies to create and launch both tangible and intangible products on business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business channels. The experience with these channels allows WCI to provide insight as to the best ways to create products in order to enhance their opportunity for successful distribution.

WCI has worked on product launches in a wide range of market categories including technology, healthcare, entertainment, toys, publishing, finance and agriculture. The company has also had experience in distribution to wide range of outlets including direct consumer, brick and mortar stores and internet distribution.

The company has participated in developing products and intellectual properties in technology, toys, healthcare, education, Internet, fashion, consumer products and media.

Whether the business is trying to determine how much to invest in the product or how to get investors involved in the product, creation and implementation of a strong Product Launch Strategy is an important component.

All of this experience comes together in assessing and determining the best ways to approach the development and launch of the product  or services you wish to bring to market or how to improve the market performance of the product / services. 

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