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Vertical Channels

A business plan is an important component of any business no matter how large or how small. WCI has the capabilities of developing plans for small businesses as well as larger entities, retail businesses, professional businesses, manufacturers, and service companies.

Planning and creating an Executive Summary and Business Plan is an important element in growing a business.

Whether growing your current business or developing a business for investment, whether creating a business as a private enterprise or evaluating the creation of a new division or product segment, whether developing a retail business or wholesale business, it is important to create a road map and strategy for the launch of that entity. WCI has been involved in assisting companies and executives in the development and creation of business by providing those plans, insights and specifics related to the product development and distribution models, marketing models, sales models, inventory models and staffing models for these entities.  

WCI works with investment entities as well as product/service companies to create the Executive Summary necessary for attracting investment, determining financial implications and providing a critical path for the success of the endeavor.

Business Categories – Weitzberg has been involved in developing and implementing plans in a range of business categories that include but are not limited to;
    Children’s Products
    Consumer Electronics
    Health and Beauty
    Consumer Direct
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