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The development of a Brand and Brand Strategy is a cornerstone for the creation and successful launch of a business entity and its products and services. Often, the correct creation of a Brand marks the difference between a company’s successful launch of products and failure.

Weitzberg Consulting works with clients on a detailed examination and evaluation of the client’s goals, resources and product concepts to create a Brand Strategy that can be utilized as a foundation and road map for the company and product growth and success.  
Creating the right Brand message is essential in order to build a foundation of consistency. It allows you to incrementally build on your efforts with a specific goal in mind. It will also help the company to focus its production, marketing and sales efforts in a consistent manner which will  help you to reap, exponentially, the benefits of these efforts.

WCI has worked with technology companies, healthcare companies, financial companies and media companies in the identification and development of their Brand and Brand strategy.
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